Creative Therapeutic Coaching

Creative Therapeutic Coaching (CTC) is both similar to and different from Psychotherapy.

Similarities include a curious and empathic approach based on the humanistic principle that given the right conditions human beings will move towards fulfilling their potential in life.

It is likely that you will arrive with at least one or two stated goals and we will use a range of creative conversations and techniques in order to help achieve these.

We will gain and then build upon the understanding that the issues you are experiencing as blocks to achieving the life you want, have come into existence for a reason. They are likely in fact, to originally have been creative survival strategies in themselves. The process of examining and re-imagining them is likely to lead to significant change and may form the springboard from which to make the leap towards achieving your stated goals as well as other unforeseen positive outcomes.

We may work together either entirely online, or, when restrictions allow, co-create a combination of online and in person work in my ceramics / art studio.

The studio is located just off the A272 between Petersfield and Winchester both of which have easy access to London and many other mainline stations.